Welcome to Active Sex Center. We are a research center that is exclusively dedicated to premature ejaculation. Active Sex Center was founded in 1974 in Massachusetts, U.S.A. in an “American Board of Sexology” convention. During this event, a group of professionals from Harvard, Stanford and McGill universities decided to put together their efforts and knowledge to fight premature ejaculation, a condition that hadn’t yet been studied in depth until then.

Since then until now, our sole mission has been to help people worldwide regain control over ejaculation and to live a satisfactory sex life.


An Intuitive Program

Our re-education programs, “Control Recovery Online,” use cutting edge technology by providing virtual treatments. Our system guides users from beginning to end in an intuitive manner. All they have to do is follow the instructions provided in the various videos and descriptive animations on how to perform the exercises and techniques. In addition to the program, users can take advantage of our specialists and technical support which will help them throughout the entire process.


The First Step…

The first step is to accept that one has a condition and the desire to do something about it. Once the decision has been made, the next step is to find out and get to know the extent of the dysfunction. To do this, we offer our online diagnostic tool later on which will help you identify the type and grade of premature ejaculation.